Land For Wildlife at girraween Field Day

Crew and signGirraween field day is an annual event hosted at the rural based Girraween primary school. Here schools, local businesses and government comes together with the wider community and showcase local practices and produce used to create sustainable living solutions and encouraging sustainable behaviour and a connection to environment. The theme this year was “Love Where You Live”.  Two fantastic programs, Land for Wildlife Top End and ALEP (Aboriginal Land Care Education program) both run through Greening Australia, hosted a stall. Yvette Brady, training Coordinator and Emma Lupin, Land for Wildlife coordinator along with 4 ALEP students training in Conservation Land Management Certificate I, spent the morning engaging with students from more than 4 rural schools and their families. Among program information and photos there was a display of a variety of native seeds of many shapes, sizes and colours ranging from the huge Pandanus nuts to some tiny Eucalyptus seeds, yellow Brachychiton seeds and red Adenanthera (Red Bead Tree) seeds. The seeds drew a lot of attention from students and highlighted the diversity of our native plants in the place that we love and live and the wonder of how they reproduce. The ALEP students helped run a potting up activity, where all students and family could learn to pot up seedling of the native Premna acuminata, a butterfly attracting plant from our native coastal forest, and take them home to grow on. Emma, LFW coordinator also ran an activity matching photos of our native wildlife to their categories (insect, reptile, bird or mammal) and matching photos of landscape types to their names. It was a wonderful event which hopefully helped those attending see the wonder in our native landscapes

Students and sign and clm

Girraween primary students give the ALEP Conservation Land Management students and Land for Wildlife staff a tour of their native calendar plant garden at the open day.

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