Bird Week and The Aussie Backyard Bird Count



From October 19th to 25th 2015 it is Bird Week, which celebrates the fantastic diversity of birdlife in Australia.

Not only would we like you to join in by participating in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count (; we have organised 2 Top End bird watching events for our Land for Wildlife members. We would like to encourage novices and experienced bird watchers to join in.

The Aussie Backyard Bird Count is a citizen science project that encourages people all around the country to report the birds that spot in their backyards or gardens in a 20 minute period within the week. Register at

To help you out and let you meet others interested we have set up the following FREE events

Event 1)

Bird Watching for Beginners, hosted by The Territory Wildlife Park, Berry Springs, especially for Land for Wildlife members AND Friends of Land for Wildlife.


17th October 2015 At Goose Lagoon, Territory Wildlife Park

8.30- 10.30/ 11 am

with bird expert Denise Goodfellow (author of Birds of The Top End) and bird enthusiast and artist Jasmine Jan

TIME: Meet at 8:20 am to catch the 9:00am train.

(Train departs main station TWP on time)

Goose Lagoon Bird Hide. An intro to bird watching, Returning at 10:30 or 11am (see poster)

Reply to Jasmine Jan at TWP to register and for details –

Open to Land for Wildlife members and friends of – limited to 20 adult spaces

Bird watching workshop 2015


Event 2)

Landholders walk and talk- Sunday sunset and bird watching with LFW members, hosted by Bird expert/ enthusiast Andrew Spiers

Enjoy a landholder’s tour, including a focused bird walk and talk on Andrew Spier’s 80 hectare propertyReply to Emma Lupin at Greening Australia to register and  for directions-

Open to Land for Wildlife members and family

Pick up some bird watching and wildlife management tips and information on the Back yard bird count

Sunday 18th October 5- 7 pm, LFW property, Darwin River

Bird Week walk and talk

Please register with us and come along to the events or register with the Aussie Backyard Bird Count and showcase the great Top End Birdlife.

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