Land for Wildlife on the Sand Sheet

Last year Shayotte and Mark  pledged their little piece of paradise as Land for Wildlife habitat.

Shayotte and mark bw

We wrote a little of their story in our last newsletter-

Their property encompasses a large amount of the magical and fairy like Sand Sheet Heath. They have lived on this little bit of landscape for 15 years, which is 6.1 hectares (13.4 acres) and encompasses 4 hectares of Howard Sand Sheet and is adjacent to another large and beautiful section of Sand Sheet to the West of The Humpty Doo Golf Course. Shayotte and Mark love the Top End landscapes, and the incredible wildlife. They feel Humpty Doo is changing, with less people respecting the landscape and management issues include more wild dogs getting onto to their property. They have constant wonder for the plant and animal species, especially those in the Sand Sheet and have battled nearby properties who want to drain it – imagine that! A few years ago a hot fire burnt through which devastated them, but a lot of the Verticordias which were stumped for so long have flowered beautifully for the first time. I can’t wait to revisit in the wet and check out the flowering plants, particularly the Utricularias.



Shayotte walk

Verticordia blooms



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