Top End Native Garden Openings (TENGO) has Land for Wildlife

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TENGO (Top End Native Garden Openings) is run by the Top End Native Plant Society (TENPS) and is an open garden program; gardens that feature native plants are open for visitors to get inspiration, learn more about native plants and even buy some. Some of these properties are in suburban settings and some in the rural area and include native landscapes.

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On 29th May Land for Wildlife members Lucy and Ken Rowley opened their 7 acre Girraween property to visitors. Not only do Lucy and Ken have a great native landscaped garden they also have an amazing section of wildlife habitat including a large section of the delicate, beautiful and ecologically important Howard Sand sheet. They have taken a great interest in the plants and wildlife of this landscape and spend time carrying out weed management and fire protection. Their daughter has even made a set of wildlife information cards for birds found on the property. Land for Wildlife had an information stall and guided walks were taken to look at the wildflowers and importance of the Sandsheet landscape by LFW coordinator Emma Lupin and Sand sheet plant experts from TENPS Sarah Hirst and Dave Liddle.

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Over 60 people visited the garden and almost all came on one of the 6 guided “Nature walks” into the depths of the Sandsheet, which is unfenced and continues  into more intact Sandsheet and floodplain that leads to the Howard River.
If you would like to find out more about Howard Sandsheet vegetation and projects click here and go to project resources.

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The photograph above shows landholders Ken and Lucy accompanying one of the nature walks and some other visiting Land for Wildlife members and visitors on the walks.

LaIMG_1478 (Medium).JPG

Land for Wildlife Coordinator models the new signs with Parks and Wildlife Symbol.

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