Schools for Wildlife

We are delighted to be engaging schools in Land for Wildlife. Three schools keen to engage in wildlife awareness activities and enhancing habitat on their grounds are signed up to the program and taking part in our ‘Enhancing habitat’ for the Black-footed Tree-rats.

The schools currently involved are Howard Springs Primary School, Girraween Primary School and Milkwood Steiner School. All schools have received native trees that enhance habitat for the Black-footed Tree-rat and other wildlife who love fleshy fruits and nuts.

The Green Army and Emma (Land for Wildlife Coordinator) helped plant trees earlier in the year at both Girraween and Howard Springs schools and gave presentations to the classes.


Land for Wildlife also has given the schools nest boxes and spent time at Milkwood Steiner, where they painted the boxes and then were helped to install them in their bushland area, where they will be monitored by students.

Getting boxes ready

 A class at Howard Springs School spent their whole term researching about the Black-footed Tree-rat and even held an information stall at Girraween Sustainability day.

The newly planted trees get watered in at Howard Springs. These initial trees have been planted as part of the 20 Million Tree Program, funded by the federal Government, along with 5000 other trees planted on Land for Wildlife properties this year.

Land for Wildlife will continue to work with the schools and assist with wildlife enhancement projects and information

IMG_0851 (Medium).JPG

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