Threatened Species Day

It’s Threatened Species Day! Here is a wonderful (stylized) painting of the Black-footed Tree-rat which has been gifted to the Land for Wildlife program from local artist Sandra Kendall. These native rats are often mistaken as non natives or it is not known they are threatened. We are lucky that there are quite a few in the Darwin region. If you see these beautiful natives out and about, upload your sighting to Wildwatch! Note the white tip tail! 

balckfootedtreeratSandra Kendall copyright

Our newest Land for Wildlife members (today) are long time Territorians: Leonnie and Alan Norrington. They have managed their 20 acre property for nearly 40 years, the majority is wildlife habitat and connects to 8 other LFW members in the area. They also joined up to our Black-footed Tree Rat project and will install 5 nest boxes and then motion sensing cameras to see who is using them. They are also the second new member to recieve a sign with the Black-footed Tree-rat, a threatened species declining from our Top End Landscapes.THANKS to all our members for voluntarily conserving wildlife habitat in the Top End region and helping protect threatened species such as the Black-footed Tree-rat.


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