A new host for Land for wildlife

Dear Land for Wildlife friends and members;

Wow 2020, what a year,

A lot has been going on, and there are a lot of unknowns in the world, but we do have some good news in regards to Land for Wildlife and a little more known about how the program may continue.

As you all know core funding was lost from the program in 2019 and then its host organization, Greening Australia, sadly closed its office in the Northern Territory. This left the program a little in limbo, but thanks to some work in kind, behind the scenes a social media presence was kept, some short movies for landholders were made and released and motion sensing cameras are still available to landholders. Thanks to Litchfield Council we were also able to carry out some workshops for members and new landholders. It was clear the program is enjoyed by many. Organizations and individuals alike were keen to see it continued.

The good news is that Territory Natural Resource Management (TNRM) has agreed to host the program and its data base of landholders and collaborate with other organisations and landholders to keep it going.

Territory Natural Resource Management (TNRM) is an independent not-for-profit, membership based organisation. 

Members will be contacted to see if they are happy to keep their membership as this transfer happens. 

I also would really love to see Land for Wildlife continue, so I will be helping look at the exciting possibilities of how it can continue, what focus would best suit landholders, how we can partner and include other organizations and how we can source extra financial support.

We have been meeting with stakeholders and will be slowly touching base with landholders again and asking for your feedback through a survey. We then hope to open up to new members.
As landholders you are the ambassadors of good land management and we also would love you to be involved in the way forward.
Below is a little recap of the last couple of years in Land for Wildlife.



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