Snakes of the Top End

Snakes make up an important part of the biodiversity in our natural landscapes and are both loved and feared by residents of the rural area. The Top End has over 40 species of native snake species- which is a wonderful diversity and one of our most common reptiles.

Some residents are worried that snakes will be poisonous or attack humans (especially small children). As a whole snakes which are venomous will only bite if provoked or accidentally disturbed. Constrictors will choose easier prey. If you are unsure of a snake species do not approach them and enjoy them from a distance.

The best thing people can do to build their awareness and relationship with snakes is to have more awareness of the different species and their behaviour. This starts with being able to identify them.

If you find a snake that is inhabiting your house or is injured there is a snake catcher callout service (run through Parks and wildlife with knowledgeable snake handlers on call)

  • Darwin, Palmerston and rural areas
    1800 453 210
  • Katherine
    0407 934 252
  • Alice Springs
    0407 983 276

A whole list of snake fact sheets can be found on the Department of Land Resource Management website snake link.

The Territory Wildlife Park has some live reptile displays and often hosts talks on snakes

If you would like a PDF to print of the following click the below images. (the leaflet is obtained by clicking the first page of “Common snakes of The Northern Territory”



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