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Back Yard Bird Count in Katherine

The Aussie Backyard Bird count is 23- 29th October this year.

We will be hosting a guided bird watching walk and talk on a very large Land for Wildlife property in Katherine this year. Mick Jerram, local tour guide and manager of the land will be guiding the walk.


Photograph courtesy of Top End Tourism.

Join Mick Jerram of Gecko canoeing on a beautiful Land for Wildlife property for a bird watching walk with one of Katherine’s most experienced wildlife tour guides. Find out more about birds in the Katherine region the Land for Wildlife program. This is part of Aussie Backyard Bird Count (https://aussiebirdcount.org.au/) And YES Gouldian finches have been recorded on the property- you never know!

Directions- Drive towards Nitmiluk Gorge from the stuart highway. 20.3 kms on the right there is a small turn off which will be marked. Map and further directions to be added. PLease park opposite Maude Creek Lodge.

Please bring water, hat and boots/ good foot wear and binoculars. Share cars if possible and tell your friends. The walk is 1 km.

20161115_163638 (Custom)

Mick Jerram on the Land for Wildlife property.

For more information email elupin@greeningaustralia.org.au

And look at all the other events that you can get involved in that weekend –

Landcare in Katherine 2017 (003)


A Brilliant Bird Week

Bird week is such a great way to show case our feathered friends that are so abundant in the Top End; we put together a couple of small events for members and friends of Land for Wildlife, back in October. A hot and in one case wet time of year, we still had a great group of people along at both events.

The best things always come with collaboration and a guided walk of Fogg Dam was hosted for Land for Wildlife members and friends of in association with Parks and Wildlife at Fogg Dam. After low rainfalls last wet season the dam was at low levels, but started filling up as we were talking our guided walk- with some of the first rains of the year. We were joined by ‘Friends of Fogg Dam’ members Mary and Janis who talked about their work, the birds and take stunning photos of the birdlife.


After a drive across the dam wall, a talk on looking after bird habitat and a good soaking we went into the very wonderful woodland walk to see what else we could spot. We ended up with a great list of wetland and woodland birds. I would love to thank Jo Scott, who helped organise the event and sadly has since left the role of Community engagement Officer at PWC.


We held a small “Landholder’s walk and talk” with Denise Lawungkurr Goodfellow who has written ‘Birds of Australia’s Top End’ and ‘Birds of Palmerston’ with her partner Michael. They have a 20 acre (8 hectare) property with some wonderful flooded Sandsheet and wet season creek areas in Darwin River. Denise tells some great stories and emphasises that watching birds is about sitting with country and watching behaviour, not just ticking them from a checklist; it is about getting to know them and their habitat.

Thanks Denise and Michael for your great contribution to wildlife education.

Landholder’s walk and talk- Habitat for Birds at Darwin River

It is Bird week– A celebration of Australian birds! We are very privileged in The Top End to have some fantastic bird species and relative to elsewhere in Australia some very intact bird habitat. It is of great importance that areas are managed for wildlife, including the properties in our program.

Land for Wildlife hosted two events. Also see our “Intro to Bird spotting” article with some tips

Our second event was on Sunday-

On Sunday Andrew Spiers kindly hosted a “Landholder’s Walk and Talk” with a focus on birds. As well as being a Land for Wildlife member Andrew also teaches Conservation Land Management at Charles Darwin University and has some extensive knowledge about our landscapes and birds. The walk and talk was at his wonderful Darwin River property that is on 200 hectares, with 18 interested others from Land for Wildlife and friends of.

under the house

We looked at many different keys to birds and leant about observing landscapes over time. We had a great dusk walk across the flood plain to the Darwin River and learnt of the grand effects of fire on birds as well as many other interesting observations across the landscape, including termite activity, the interaction of wildlife, plants as food sources and river flows.

walk at Andrews

Andrew walks

Fire can be a devastating factor for birds as it destroys the flowers and or fruit and in many cases the whole plant and its able to flower or fruit completely, or for a year or more depending on intensity. These flowers or fruit are very often the food source for many bird species. Andrew’s land was an example of this as some uncontrolled hot fires, that had come in from a neighbouring property had taken out hundreds, if not thousands of Grevillea pteridifolia ( The fern leaved Grevillea) which are a food source for many honey eaters and small birds. The recent fire had also knocked out many other plants and bird activity was lower than before and centred around the watered garden and the riverine vegetation.

Andrew explains

termite mounds

We also learned about different ways of collecting bird data and doing bird counts and encouraged everyone to participate in the “Aussie Backyard Bird Count” for bird week, to celebrate our fantastic bird life and be part of a citizen science project. http://www.aussiebirdcount.orgLooks

Di watches

Andrew pose

Andrew was a fascinating guide and his wife, Helen very hospitable. As well as seeing their incredible native landscape we also were invited to look around their house which they have designed and built for our climate with natural cooling features.

It really is valuable to share the knowledge and experience gained when managing land (for wildlife) and a great opportunity to meet others, enjoy a new bit of country and share views. We hope this is the first in many of our “Landholder Wildlife Walks”

Bird Week and The Aussie Backyard Bird Count



From October 19th to 25th 2015 it is Bird Week, which celebrates the fantastic diversity of birdlife in Australia.

Not only would we like you to join in by participating in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count (aussiebirdcount.org.au); we have organised 2 Top End bird watching events for our Land for Wildlife members. We would like to encourage novices and experienced bird watchers to join in.

The Aussie Backyard Bird Count is a citizen science project that encourages people all around the country to report the birds that spot in their backyards or gardens in a 20 minute period within the week. Register at www.aussiebirdcount.com

To help you out and let you meet others interested we have set up the following FREE events

Event 1)

Bird Watching for Beginners, hosted by The Territory Wildlife Park, Berry Springs, especially for Land for Wildlife members AND Friends of Land for Wildlife.


17th October 2015 At Goose Lagoon, Territory Wildlife Park

8.30- 10.30/ 11 am

with bird expert Denise Goodfellow (author of Birds of The Top End) and bird enthusiast and artist Jasmine Jan

TIME: Meet at 8:20 am to catch the 9:00am train.

(Train departs main station TWP on time)

Goose Lagoon Bird Hide. An intro to bird watching, Returning at 10:30 or 11am (see poster)

Reply to Jasmine Jan at TWP to register and for details – Jasmine.Jan@nt.gov.au

Open to Land for Wildlife members and friends of – limited to 20 adult spaces

Bird watching workshop 2015


Event 2)

Landholders walk and talk- Sunday sunset and bird watching with LFW members, hosted by Bird expert/ enthusiast Andrew Spiers

Enjoy a landholder’s tour, including a focused bird walk and talk on Andrew Spier’s 80 hectare propertyReply to Emma Lupin at Greening Australia to register and  for directions- elupin@greeningaustralia.org.au

Open to Land for Wildlife members and family

Pick up some bird watching and wildlife management tips and information on the Back yard bird count

Sunday 18th October 5- 7 pm, LFW property, Darwin River

Bird Week walk and talk

Please register with us and come along to the events or register with the Aussie Backyard Bird Count and showcase the great Top End Birdlife.