For Land Holders

Please fill in your details in the form at the bottom of this page if you would like us to carry out an assessment on your property for you to become a Land For Wildlife member.

Land for Wildlife welcomes landholders who:

  • would like to manage part or all of their property as habitat for native plants and animals
  • are interested in integrating nature conservation with other land uses
  • have a property with at least 1 hectare of intact native vegetation (exceptions may apply for educational, community-owned or other properties) OR
  • have a property of at least 1 hectare that they would like to restore to native vegetation

There are two categories of Land for Wildlife membership-

  •  “Full” membership- given to those who have at least one hectare of native vegetation and are actively managing it (for weeds and fire etc. if needed) to be intact and conserved as habitat for wildlife.
  • “Growing towards” membership is available for landholders who those who do not have a hectare of intact native vegetation but are restoring their land with revegetation of native flora or active weed and fire management to incorporate at least a hectare of intact native wildlife habitat.
  • Land for Wildlife also welcomes educational partners such as schools, nature reserves and publically or commercially owned/ managed properties to act as examples of wildlife habitat that are available for the wider community to visit.

After we receive your details we will arrange a date to send a knowledgeable staff member to asses your property. This will involved classifying habitat types, highlighting any plant or animal species of interest, identifying weeds, fire history and identifying land management issues and  answering any queries. The information will be put into a report with an adjoining map.

If you property qualifies for Land for Wildlife, you will be issued with a metal sign to display. The signs for full members are a teal blue- green colour and for “Growing Towards” we have just started issuing signs that are an orange colour, that are swapped over when “Full status” is achieved.

As a member you can contact the Greening Australia project officers for advice, attend LFW workshops (2-4 each year), network with other LFW members, receive LFW newsletters  stories from members’ blocks and  other interesting stories. We will also inform you of other interesting relevant events and occasionally offer free plants for revegetation efforts.  Above all you will be contributing to  the conservation efforts of our amazing northern Territory landscapes that support a great diversity of plants and wildlife.

At this stage joining the program has no cost and is run with support from The Northern Territory Government through Parks and Wildlife NT.


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