Data Sites for Land Management

There are some very useful sites online that can help you find out about native flora and fauna in your area, invasive species and fire.

You are also able to enter sightings of faun and flora on your property (or elsewhere) onto official records. Please see the next tab for this and below. Click on the titles to go to the web page links.


NR MAp exampleNR Maps is a program that is pretty easy to use and you can easily see the cadastre of the land (how it is divided up) overlaid over a satellite image. You can also click on the cadastre parcels to see survey images as well as find more information on the land tenure. This can be useful if your neighbouring property is a large lagoon or other larger piece of land and you are unsure who is managing it. If it is not private (eg. Crown Land or Council) it will let you know.

There are also options to see some vegetation layers as well as threatened species records. This map layer is provided with all new LFW assessments


INfo netInfo-net is a really useful program which has been developed by Charles Darwin University, Territory NRM and the Northern Territory Government. Within this program you can generate reports for selected areas to include threatened species, weeds, pest animals, introduced species, soil types, fire history and general wildlife (flora and fauna) records.


NAFI pageNAFI is the website for Northern Australia Rangelands and Fire Information. Fire History is stored here and can be over layed on to areas of maps. The data is usually uploaded after the fire season (November each year) so shows data for previous years.

NTFRS Incident Map

NTFRS incidentFor current fires that are reported in the NTFRS area you can find information on their incident map.


ALA home pageThe Atlas of Living Australia is a huge website with a depth of information and data for the whole of Australia. It contains all known records for all species of native flora and fauna and invasive species.

ALA- your area pageThere are many many functions that link and can be searched on the ALA website, one useful one is the search by area or address for records. The NT records link into this site.


Wildwatch pageThe NT Wildwatch is an interface with the Atlas of Living Australia which allows the general public to upload fauna sightings from the NT. This allows a citizen science approach to data collection. If you are on a Land for Wildlife property, you can upload sightings here, particularly if you are aware or sight unusual or endangered animals.


NT flora pageNT Flora contains the complete herbarium records for the NT and fact sheets to each species. You can search a genus, but unlike google it must be spelt correctly. It will give you complete lists of plants found in the NT and their range.

Voluntary Conservation for Top End Native landscapes

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