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IMG_2063 (Custom)IMG_7924 (Custom)If you would like help identifying any Top End Native Plants-

There are some great field guides and also some good online resources.

Flowering plants-
Flowering showy plants are of course not just pretty to look at, they are a wonderful source of food and habitat for a range of insects, birds and even small reptiles. If you are on your block or out in the bush and wonder how to identify them you are in luck, there is a great website to help you. The Top End Native Plant Society (TENPS) is a group of people interested in native plants and hosts an identification website that IDs a range of our common flowers by colour (so you don’t even have to be a geeky scientist to use it). The flowers are both from small herbs and trees. TENPS meets every month and hosts a talk for members and most recently is hosting an open garden scheme with a focus on native gardens. Check out the site and our diversity of pretty flowering plants. TENPS Web Page 0314 (1) (Custom)

Click here is a link to the list of threatened species of The Northern Territory, including plants-

Voluntary Conservation for Top End Native landscapes

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